Saturday, September 17, 2011

Maybe I was wrong. (notice I said maybe)

    I bought a $2.00 lottery ticket yesterday. It was a $4.00 winner. I was was feeling lucky and took my $4.00 and bought two more $2.00 tickets.............when I should have just been happy with my $2.00 profit cause the other 2 tickets were LOSERS! Why do we always want more? Do we ever reach a point when we stop looking and wanting more and being happy with what we have? Life is not a lottery game. We should be happy with what we have and stop always trying to double it. I do this. You do this. And now my child does this.
   Peyton has reached that age where it's all about what you have, what you ware, what you drive, ect. I spent a couple hours today giving him a speech on why material things are not important. Why having things to brag about  are not important.
   He informed me today he wanted to leave and go live with his Daddy. When I ask him why he said because he had a four wheeler there, he didn't have to do chores, no one bothered him there, he would be a only child and able to have more, and because I fuss at him too much.
   I thought about this a while. His explanations. And I have decided I am much of the reason he is the way he is. Yes, we all want more. Take the lottery ticker for example. Yes, I do make him do chores. So he can earn money and buy more of the things he wants. Yes, I do stay on his ass all the time about doing right, getting good grades, talking with his teachers, cleaning his room. being good to his brothers, ect. But only cause I want him to go far in school and in life and go to college and get a good job so he can have MORE. There's that word again. It seems now I have created a little monster. All this time have I been doing wrong by him? Should a child just be a child and have no responsibilities? I am a big girl and can take constructive criticism. I'd really like a answer on this one.


  1. Kathy you are a wonderful Mother and maybe one day I hope to be half the mother you are. You are not doing anything wrong with peyton or the other boys. You were made to do the same thing when you was a child (so was alot of people you no) now look at you you're a great person. And as far as Peyton goes you and Mike have already talked about it but you no that it would be different then it is when he is here on the weekends he would be doing the samethings that he is doing there, he might not have as much to do but thats cause we rent a house and dont have to do the yard work here.
    If you need someone different to talk to I am here for you.

  2. I think you are doing things exactly right. He's learning how to be a man, work hard, and earn what he gets. There is nothing wrong with that! When he is older, he will appreciate what you are now teaching him, so stay strong. YOU are doing a great job!