Sunday, December 25, 2011

A REAL Top Toys List and The Guard Was Not Required

Every year all the major stores produce their own list of top toys for year. I'm not sure where they pull these stats from but I never  pay mind to them anymore. Usually they are over priced pieces of plastic that are a huge waste of money. I decided to use my 13 years experience as a Mommy to make my own top toys list. Some are old toys and some are a few things I actually just discovered this year and some are not  toys. I have to include a couple electronics since I am rounding the corner of having a teenager in less than a month. They are in no particular order. I think they they are each equally fantastic.

The first is the Aqua Doodle. We have had 4 of these and they are great little inventions. The kids love them. The 2 year old all the way to the 13 year old has been caught playing with these. No batteries. No mess. No noise. Win win.

Next is a trampoline/net. We have also has a few of these. Their only con is they take flight in strong winds. They have gotten less expensive from the first one we had 11 years ago. The nets make them safe for the 2 year old as well. We have had 3 and will have another. If it takes flight we will replace it as well. Love love love them.

Having all boys you won't find barbies or baby dolls on my list but you will find Die Cast toys. The little plastic tractors, trucks, cars, lawn mowers, trailers, ect. are crap even if they say John Deere on the package. Don't waste your money. Always buy die cast and they will have them till they have children of their own.

Next is the Apple iPod. Not exactly a toy for younger ones. My oldest has one and so do I. You must buy a Otter Box for them. They are fragile but these nifty little protective cases make them virtually immune to drops and spills.

The next I just bought for Christmas this year and only have a few hours experience with it. So far I am very impressed. No pieces to keep up with except one little laser type pen. Its called a Glow Crazy. I got Eli a travel one and one to play with at home. Eli and I have taken turns. Amazing little pen and glow paper that sticks to the walls and makes them a huge drawing board.

I also adore the Crayola easels. We have had two of these as well. Wonderful for the little artist in the family.

Sidewalk chalk will be a toy that is always readily available in my home as well as bubbles. We have bubble machines, bubble guns, bubble lawnmowers, ect. Great for all ages and great got getting the family together for photographs. Bubbles are timeless and can even be made at home. I must admit tho, I buy the Gazillion brand bubbles. They are a bit expensive but make THE BEST bubbles ever!!

The last 2 is the Wii and the Xbox 360 Kinect. I can't decide between the two. We have both and they each are great for different things. The Kinect does require much more space to play then the Wii but the Wii still requires the hand held remotes. If you can't have both then depending on the age of your children I'd suggest one or the other. The Wii belongs to our 5 year old and the Kinect is great for the 8 year old and up.

I'd love to hear about your favorite toys as well.

Hope you each had a great Holiday. Ours was great. Breakfast with Santa at Chaney's Dairy Farm was great as always.  My family dinner went off without incident. The National Guard was not called in. Thecompliments on the food and the house made my head so big I barely could fit through the doorways. :)
The house was full of kids and family. I could not have wished for a better couple of days with my tribe.

Tree is already down. I waste no time taking down decor. I thought I'd leave it up a few extra days this year but my OCD would not allow it. It was giving me the shakes. (hahahaha)

No food at all was left over. People took plates home for lunch today as well. When they ask for to go plates it really must be good, right?

We Deep Fried our Turkey and we will never fix one any other way. 14 pound turkey, GONE!

Now that Christmas is over I have 2 important birthdays coming up. Peyton turns 13 and Evyn turns 2. 13 is a bitter pill for us to swallow and Evyn's will be Bitter Sweet as well. My miracle baby boy.

Lots of peace and love to each of you. I hope you are all bubbling over with it as much as us tonight.

Hope you enjoy pictures from our weekend.

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