Saturday, January 28, 2012

The most important things I have learned in the last 13 years in no particular order......

1. Kids and especially brothers DO NOT share no matter what you try to teach.

2. If you have multiples you will need that exact number of electronics. (tv's, dvd players, xboxes,ect)

3. Despite your best efforts it's simple not in a child's genetic make-up to like vegetables no matter how you try to hide them in others foods.

4. Grape Kool Aid produces green poop. As does popsicles.

5. Sharing bedrooms may be economical but in the long run you will spend more in Mommy Juice and replacing broken items.

6. Sleep training is for dogs. Not children. If you are truly half as worn out as you claim to be you will let your child sleep wherever he chooses even if its in the middle of your bed with their toes separating your ribs.

7. If you are a new mother (or a old mother with 4) and someone offers to help or entertain your child for the evening for gawds sake, oblige them! 

8. When people say "sleep when your baby does" they are not talking to sound smart. In fact, this concept is brilliant.

9. Pick your battles.

10. Before you ground a child from the t.v. or video games be sure you can follow through with this punishment. I can not if I want any kind of peace.

11. Never enter a bathroom that a boy may have used barefooted at night. Stepping in pee goes with the territory.

12. Clear the path from your bedroom to your childrens bedrooms before you fall asleep. Even the smallest Lego will take you to your knees durning a midnight trip to refill a sippie cup.

13. Potty training in the Summer is indeed the best idea. Children would must rather pee on trees and in grass than a camode.

14. If it's important, put it up. Don't just put it high. Placing things out of reach only makes reaching these things a game. You WILL loose.

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  1. Catching up on your blog. I stole a few minutes to myself. I love your list! ALL very true!!!