Friday, January 27, 2012

So, apparently I'm supposed to start keeping a journal and turn in 5 entry's a week. I'm wondering if printed blog entry's count. Blogging and a journal both could get a bit hectic. Guess we will have to see whats acceptable.

Today was a difficult day. I'm running on no sleep. A person never gets use to not sleeping. They make think they do because they begin to require less and less to function during a day but it takes a toll. Weight loss is my problem. Maybe because no sleep makes me senile and I forget to eat. Just a idea.
Evyn cut me no slack today. I thought I'd share the ride he has taken me on today.

Our day began at 5:30a.m.. 5:30 is no big feat except I was up quite late reading entirely too many pages explaining how to write a descriptive essay. Yay. I'm not a essay writer. I'm no good at drafts and proof reading. My thoughts spill out and I have no clue how to organize them. Sink or swim tho, right? See, I'm already off the subject matter.

Evyn. 5:30 a.m.. This child has been slow at the trigger for a few days and it's been easier to keep up with his disasters. Today he was back on his game. Hiding silverware, playing with electrical outlets, climbing in the sinks, eating toothpaste. Oh....toothpaste. That reminds me. This child has a toothbrush fetish. He loves to brush his teeth but not nearly as much as he loves to splash in the camode water with our toothbrushes. Rule of thumb, if the toothbrush is not in the exact place we left it when we used it last it's just best to throw it away for safe measure.

This afternoon he really outdone himself. While I was taking a moment to speak on the telephone (another rule of thumb, "don't talk on the phone and let Evyn see it". He warps into some destructive demon and tally's how much he can do before I can hang up the phone) he managed to stuff the toilet with two towels then flushed it. Towels + toilet + flush = flood.
Times like these the Rainbow is a life saver. They are like a shop vac and can vacuum up liquid. While cleaning up after the great flood he slipped off to the Den and to Peyton's room and pulled ever book we own off the shelves. If I were to guess I'd say we own 200 books. Eli was gracious enough to help me clean the second disaster of the evening up. I wish I had thought to take a picture of this one as well.

While we were picking up after the great tornado Evyn decided to pour the dogs food and water bowl into my basket of freshly washed and dried whites. At this point I decided I needed to sit down and take a moment.

I am sitting with my iPod stuffed in my ears. The kids are speaking to me but I can't hear a word they say. Only lips moving. There comes a time in ever mothers day she just needs to treat her children the way they do her. Unfortunately I must go because Evyn is now beating his brother with a container of honey and a spatula.

Happy Friday.

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