Friday, February 24, 2012

 The Flu and stomach bug has ran it's course through my house this house since last Friday. It was tough to kick. Yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat normally. It was a lovely day. Warm. 70 degrees in mid-Feb. All good things have to come to a end. I let Willa out to potty and 10 minutes later she had vanished. I searched for her most of the night and today. No luck. I have a theory as to what happen to her. That being said......if you know of anyone who has just obtained a new Yorkie, 2 years old, black/tan, docked tail, pink collar (which I'm sure has been removed), medium length hair, shy/timid with strangers and 4ish pounds, I am offering a $250.00 reward for her being returned. Me and the kids miss her terribly.

I have one of 4 exams Monday and I am a nervous wreck. I have studied daily trying not to cram it. I need some serious help. I'm hoping over the weekend Peyton feels sorry for me and quizzes me or at least lets me read to him. I have found reading out loud helps me absorb the info more than silently. Danny wasn't game for being read to today. He didn't feel well and he has never been a fan of books or reading. I have decided that I'll be happy with a C. Anything higher will be a nice surprise. She says that these chapters are the hardest. It's down hill from these. Thank goodness.

I have not blogged since I saw The Vow last Sunday. A-maz-ing! Ended oddly, but had many moments of pure brilliance.

Now, sorry to be short tonight but 20/20 is on and it's about plastic surgery tonight. :)

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