Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final grades, ba-ba is on it's way out and Strep.


Evyn has not had a ba-ba for 24 hours!

College Writing   A
Reading Strategies  B
Psychology......................(wait for it.......wait for it........) A

Peyton has Strep. A Dr. visit is in our future for tomorrow. It's didn't stop him from disking/cullipacking for his Uncle Dave today.

Evyn has a new sentence. "I are mean"

I done some gardening today. Colored up my little spread in Brissle.

The planning began for Granny's 90th today. Don't tell her. It's a surprise!!!!!

The stalls inside what used to be my kennel are now torn down and the inside is completely clean out. I'm very excited about having a empty space and deciding what endeavor I'm going to do next with it. Ideas please......

The truck is down. Again. It's been limping for about a month now. It was due time to bandage her up and drive her home for some repairs. I have a list for Danny. I have to take advantage of the time he's here and get some things accomplished that I just simply cannot do alone. He's not pleased with his list. I got a eye rolling and huff before he stomped back inside to ESPN when I announced he had a list. :) I'm the only one in this marriage who enjoys checking things off a list. I find a list very motavating. I realize other view them as a little overwhelming. Danny......would it help if I put them on sticky notes around the house instead of on one long list?

I started clearing the pool. The kids have already been in it. A couple days ago it hit 90 degrees here. anyone elses scale reading about 8 pounds too heavy?! I think the finals made me binge eat.....errrrr......I mean.........I think the full moon has messed up scales!!!

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