Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have never in my whole entire life been so thrilled to be done with a semester. The end of this semester ranks right up there with finishing high school. The two joys are similar. I anxious to begin the next classes and with high school, I was thrilled to be out and never returning. Now begins the wait for grades to post. The only grade update that I can give is my last Psyc exam grade.  86. First bite is eaten,  Jean!  I think credit should be given where it’s due. So, I simply have to say thank you to those who sent text and called on Monday and Tuesday to check on me. The words of encouragement and the “high fives” made me smile like a little girl who just received an award. Not just this week, but the entire sixteen weeks.  They were fun, but good riddens! This summer I’ll get a little Public Speaking and Theater Appreciation followed by Math (yes, Danny, I did say Math) English and Developmental Psychology this fall. Couple more bites, right?!

My intentions for the next few weeks I have off before summer classes…….cleaning, gardening, painting, reading (something other than a requirement) and doing some serious relaxing. Last night when my head hit the pillow (after passing out Benadryl to children) I thought to myself….it’s going to be great to wake up and have no place to be. And then the reality hit. As I type I am sitting waiting on Eli to get out of his therapy session. He began an anger management workbook a few weeks ago and I’m eager for him to finish it since his anger triggered a bat swinging fit yesterday evening at Peyton’s head.  (pick your mouth up off the floor….I did not teach that child that sorda behavior. It’s just naturally in our blood to prefer Sluggers over guns)  Once we are done here Eli will return to school and I’ll go home. (don’t get excited for me…yet) I’ll  have to fix Pey’s lunch that he forgot this a.m. because we had to all scoot out quicker and earlier than normally this morning and return to his school with it so he don’t starve. Even though letting him tough it out is a seemingly good idea, I suppose it’s partially my fault for forgetting about Eli’s appointment until my head hit the pillow last night and the thoughts began to bang around from side to side in my overloaded head.

Over the weekend we saw Eric Church, Blackberry Smoke and Brantley Gilbert at Bridgestone. It was a bit of a wilder crowd then what I prefer but it was a much needed break from my very much loved, precious, adorable…………devils spawn children.

I am making a very conscious effort to clean up my potty mouth. I am proud to say it must be working because Evyn has not said a 5 dollar word, or even a 2 dollar word for that matter, in many weeks.  Yay.

Pey is still at the private school and finishing out the year. We had a hiccup a week ago but this time I’m just going to keep this episode to myself. He knows it was very wrong and I won’t air his laundry…………..this time! Better keep your nose clean, son. If you wouldn’t want the whole world to know then you’d better walk a line. Momma’s gonna start airing the home/school  life to the world. The sugar coating has to stop. How else will people know what I deal with on a day to day basis, how I persevere, or that it’s very possible to lead a full good life while parenting a child with disorders. And for the record,  I will not post comments to my blog posts if you refer to disorders as a disability. Thank you.

So……did I mention I’m free for a few weeks? Kinda. Expect lots of great summer pictures now that I have discovered how to send them via straight from my Blackberry. Expect a descriptive dialog of my funny conversations with the herd. I love posting those. Reading back over those always takes me right back to that exact moment. After all……..that’s what blogging is about.  Reaching others who need a little inspiration and documenting the memories.

Have a great Tuesday followers. It is what you make it.

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