Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Miss Back When....

It's such a lazy Sunday. I HATE it.

I am reminded of years ago. Sunday was a event. On Friday nights Mom would wash my hair and sponge roll it. This process took no less then three hours. I slept in these wretched rollers for two nights, or at least rolled and wallered my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed and tried to close my eyes. Comfort would elude me often when a roller would become ill placed and pull.
On Sunday she would take them out. This hurt more then washing, combing and rolling combined. I usually lost a lot of hair due to the unruly rollers that wrapped and knotted around the little hinges on the rollers. She normally just gave these a good quick YANK.

I was known as Nellie when I had these huge ringlet curls. I'm certain the nickname came from the curls and not the little gal with the onery demeanor we all know.....;)

Sunday School, Church and then back home to enjoy huge meal Mom always had ready. Our home was never empty on Sundays. Full of family. Laughter.

When I married and moved out the only thing that changed was the rollers. For years we always went to Moms on Sundays to eat, gossip and sit on the porch. The T.V's were never on. The only entertainment was family.

As the years have passed we no longer do this anymore. I can't pinpoint when it happen. No Sundays are just any other day. T.V's blare from every room in my home. Kids are scattered in their own rooms. No one speaks to one another. We each entertain ourselves in a different way. I am no better. I usually spend this day cleaning and cooking after church.

What I would give for a Sunday like we use to have ten years ago. I miss back when. I wonder what my boys will remember about Sunday when they are my age. Sadly, I don't think they will carry any worth writing about. We never see family much aside from when I visit mine. Speeding time with family is a dieing tradition. We have no problem going to them for help but want nothing to do with them otherwise. Or, visa versa. This must change for me. This is not what I want for my children. I want them to feel just as smoothered with love and family and I was. :)  I want them to be happy staring at their grandparents on a Sunday instead of the T.V.  There will come a time when they are gone and I'll wish I'd done something differnt. It's time to start living in a way that I will leave no room for regrets.

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