Friday, June 1, 2012

There are few movies that hold my attention. I added one to the list tonight. "We Bought A Zoo"

Today was a odd day. Bout' all I can say about that.

The truck is still limping but Daddy stepped in today and got chit done. So, in five days we will have a completely rebuilt truck. He knows everyone. He's a good fella to have on your side in a battle.

I finally downloaded some pictures off my camera I wanted to share. A few from Zac's graduation and he and Eli's last day of school. The one that is my favorite in one of me glancing at Eli's hand propped on my shoulder. Him touching me is a about as common as Unicorns. It was a good day.

My patience is gone. My nerves are raveled.

Today I tried to do something nice for Eli. A couple weeks ago Peyton bought him a boomerang at Cracker Barrel. Eli has spent hour after hour throwing that thing and running after it until came back to him. When he finds something he enjoys he sticks with it until it's perfected. With that in mind I bought him one of those huge foam airplanes today. I just knew I'd see that smile of his when he saw what it was. WRONG. It was broken. He cried. I tried to glue it. He cryed, again. We duck tapped it because you can't Gorilla Glue foam (mental note taken). He flew it once and the wings fell off. He cryed, again. And then the fussing began. "Why would you buy me this. You known it was broken. You known it's fall apart. I hate this. Why does does every hate me?"
All this because I just wanted to do something nice and buy him something I thought he'd enjoy. I dream of hearing "thank you, Mom. I love it. And I love you. (followed by a huge hug) But, that's not my world. I'll settle for his little hand on my shoulder while posing for a picture.


  1. Kathy, Wow!! I love reading your blog, today it made me cry. I think part because of what is happening in my house but mostly because I certainly feel your pain. I would be rich if I had a penny for every time Jacob has asked why does everyone hate him? Even in your kindness they ask, they don't realize how much it hurts.....I just wanted you to know how relatable this was for me. There is a new word for you.....relatable. I am so glad for you that you take the small things, your picture with his hand........we enjoy what we can, even it its the small things.

  2. You are a wonderful mommy. Don't ever forget it.