Monday, July 9, 2012

It seems I've gotten away from blogging since summer began. One could say I've been busy.

Might as well jump in feet first with this one.

Zackary had a Aspergers evaluation last week. We were borderline. Our pediatrician (being the woman that she is.....and I love her for it erred that he wasn't Autistic but that he suffered from a Anxiety disorder and some separation anxiety that was brought on by Eli. O.K. I'll take that........but only till I got home long enough to realize this needed to be looked into further. We will be seeing a Eli's Dr. in Aug. for a more thorough evaluation. Her advice to me was and I quote "Kathy, your job as a parent is to work yourself out of a job." Ouch. That hurt. I suppose I don't want my job as a parent to ever be over. She continued by saying "make him get out of your lap. Make him participate in activities with other children. Tough love. Don't allow him to have fits and cry." Double ouch. She's always been one to tell it like it is. But, my gut is screaming I need a second opinion. After researching this disorder more thoroughly I fell Eli also has a degree of high function Autism. This was mentioned to me a few weeks ago by his therapist. This will be a new journey for me. But, I'm ready to learn.

It was brought to my attention last year around this time that Zack had some odd quirks. I shoved it under the rug. I think partly because I was in denial. I already had my hands full with Eli and my Mommy at the time. I always thought Karma was cutting me a break with Zack. He's such a loving,   happy, honest boy. He's quite. He never bother anyone and prefers to be alone in his room. he doesn't like crowds nor loud noises. He's a peaceful boy. Now I realize that his little quirks are substantially worsening and it's time to get a good opinion from someone with the experience. If he feels the same as me and my closest friends and family then we will address it at that time.

In case your curious here's his little issues. He hates bells, horns whistles, motors, ect. He cannot get his fingers in his ears quick enough to muffle these noises. He's always had this issue. I thought he just had sensitive ears. He flips, bounces, flaps, and hops constantly unless he is alone in his room lining up his cars strategical so. He melts down often almost as if he cant find words to express himself. This also has been since he was little bitty. He was a easy baby and toddler. Polar opposite of Eli. I often wonder how I missed these things. Teachers have talked about how he isolated himself during playtime at school and how they would have to pair him with other children. I still did not stop to think something was going on. I was too busy putting out Eli's fires and retrieving him off the roof and out of the road. We also see the obsession. The last year it's been "eating healthy." This may seem normal to you but let me elaborate. He knows what foods have fats and what doesn't. He refuses to drink or eat anything with sugar or high fat content. And yes, he is just as educated about foods as a adult. I call him my little Richard Simmons. He also refers to himself in the third person as Super Zack.

This has been what's consumed me the last few weeks. I'm very anxious to see if my assumptions are correct or if he just indeed suffers from a Anxiety disorder as suggested.

Tomorrow night we will be having a support group meeting at my home. I'm ready for it. These ladies are amazing. I encourage any caregiver of children dealing with emotional or mental disorders to come if you can. I can't say enough about these women.

My advice to you....if you notice things that are not right or if your gut is telling you something is not quite right....get a Dr.'s opinion. We as parents tend to let things slide and live in denial when really what we are doing is not allowing our children valuable time to receive help to cope and live a healthy happy life.

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