Friday, July 13, 2012

TV and Gaming Systems and a Bounty Fresh Yorkie

Today's highlight......Evyn threw all my freshly folded towels back into the dryer. My OCD will not allow me to refold them without running a steam refresh. I begin to walk away from the dryer and hear a thump........thump.....thump........ I open the door and discover Presley, our Yorkie. Yes. She's fine. Evyn just thought she might need a steam refresh. That outa teach me  not to do laundry before checking for dogs.

Today's lowlight......It was a all nighter for Eli and he's buck wild today. I have broken my rule and allowed him to play Call of Duty on the xBox. I put all those types of games up a year ago when Lifeskills told us they were a bad influence on him. The games have been gone for quite some time and I see no life changing improvement. So, the way I see it........if he likes the games (and it allows me a little peace) then so be it. No speeches about how I use T.V's and gaming systems for a babysitter please. Don't judge me. LOL. I think it was brought up at out last meeting how a child can't fall asleep and rest well with TV in their rooms. If it's any consolation I turn the TV's off after they have fallen asleep. :) Eli has super sonic hearing. He can hear that sound a TV makes turning off when he's dead asleep. I'm certain only him and the dogs can hear it.

So I'm curious do you feel about TV's and gaming systems. You won't hurt my feelings. I'm just here to say I can't live here with them if I take TV's out of their rooms.

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  1. Monster truck movies and iPad babysit Austin a lot more than I care to mention. If over a year there has been no change in his behavior then I say let him have it. All mothers, not just those with "special" kids need something to give them a little peace!!