Sunday, September 30, 2012

I have never wanted to be out of this area so badly in all my days. My entire life I knew this was the best place on Earth. I have wondered around to many different places from California to Chicago and many and all places in between but never found anywhere I loved more then here..........until recently. To the point I check real estate listings almost daily and sit and flip through out photos like a sick puppy. It's pathetic be homesick for a place that isn't your home. I have never experienced a genuine peace in like I did there. And I'm sure it would get old the same as anywhere after a while but for right now I am still sulking and have no desire to be here at all. I picture my kids going to the little school there and walking home. I picture warm days all Fall and relatives coming to visit us and being green with envy because it's so wonderful. Oh well......dream on. Until then I can blog in letter the color of the water.....right? And paint and decorate my home like a paradise. My friend in Hawaii told me paradise is where ever you want it to be. So, next week..........I will paint. :)

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