Monday, September 17, 2012

Dauphin Island, AL

So Danny and me decided last week we were taking off and heading to the beach. Baby sitter were in place for the weekend and by Thursday night I was packed and had the kids ready for grandparents houses the next day.

Thursday night around 8 p.m. Danny and me were sitting on the back porch. I had just spent the evening at Granny's cleaning up for her and putting away some groceries. It dawned on me earlier in the week that IF something were to happen to Granny while we were gone that it would be devastating on the kids if we were gone even more. I never mentioned a word tho. Danny and me needed some time with out the kids so I swallowed the bad feelings about leaving them down and knew they'd be taken good care of between Mom and Nana. Danny can read my mind tho. He very sweetly ask if I wanted to take the kids. After a little thought we decided we should take them this time in case something happen while we were gone or we were unable to take them back Fall Break. We decoded we wanted to leave that night and drive while they were sleeping. By 9:30 p.m they were ready and packed to head out. The kids were bouncing all over the house. It made me all girlie and emotional to see them so happy and excited. Eli's eyes were the size of half dollars.

The ride down was peaceful. Eli tuffed the ride to almost Nashville before he fell asleep. We woke up Eli and Zac around 1a.m to see the rocket at the Alabama line then on our way we were again. At 4:30 our eyes felt like sand paper so we pulled over and shut our eyes for a couple hours below Montgomery, AL.

Right before we arrived we stopped at Walmart for necessities. You know.......buckets, shovels, sand toys and Evyn a pair of flip flops. It was a no shoes, no socks kinda weekend.

The bridge to the island was a bridge indeed. Peyton covered his head with a pillow case and refused to peek. I soaked up every minute tho.

This was their first look at our condo and the gulf.

We spent a few quick minutes showing the kids their room, unpacking a few things and changing into what we basically stayed in for the next 2 1/2 days.

We met a family from Mobile who comes every weekend and stays in the same condo. The little boy, Alan, was a sweet kiddo who played in the daytime with the boys on the beach then swam with Eli and Peyton in the pool till bedtime. His mom let us in on a few things about the island. She explained to us how prior to Katrina the shore line was much different and there was water under the pier. Folks fished there and pulled in SHARKS! She also told us to go to the beach just before sunrise and we could see the dolphins. Eli and me got up on Sunday morning and walked the beach and saw the dolphins. Huge shells washed up to our feet this time of day and the sunrise over the pier was breathtaking. She also was nice enough to take a few family shots for us.

The morning walk on the beach was unlike any thing else I was ever experienced. I am so glad we decided to take the kids. The food was great. There was no crowd at all. The locals were friendlier than folks at home. Danny and me even spotted a few homes for sale were we decided me must retire to. The trip was hardest on Zacary. He was sick Friday night. Spewing. My OCD was spazzing since I was trapped in a condo with no Tide. Lesson learned. We we go back I will pack laundry supplies, Tylenol and nausea meds. I think his little nerves were shot because he wanted his own bed and toys. So, next time we will pack his covers and some toys to make it feel more like home. Besides me not thinking clearly about what we might need it was perfect. I'll be better prepared for when we spend the week there ASAP.

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