Monday, October 15, 2012

I had a boss tell me once that no matter how bad his day had been, he made a point to reply to anyone who asked how he was with "fantastic". It did not matter when or where you saw this man was always bubbling and was always fantastic. I can't always muster up a "fantastic" but I do always make a "fine" or "good" come out. I am never negative to anyone for fear they will tell me how they "REALLY" have been and then....well......I'll have to show them up with how bad it really can be.
For the record....Mr. Fantastic went to prison for tax fraud. I saw him not long ago. He was not so fantastic anymore and did not attempt to fake it. Proof money does bring happiness.

My car perked back up today. Thank goodness. I need 6 more months.

Dad was given a appointment for another test. Sleep Apnea. He should have had that checked into years ago.

I have still managed not to smoke. No one has died yet, but I have my mind on someone.

Tonight, football practice and kickball games. Tomorrow, parent teacher meetings. OhhRaa.

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