Sunday, October 14, 2012

Picture Dump

As if Vinegar, A1, and syrup was enough Evyn poured buttermilk out in Zac's room.

Peyton shot his first doe of the season yesterday morning.

And personal favorite....Eli made the mistake of fusing about being bored. I dumped the sock basket for him to sort and match.

The trampoline flipped over my car this a.m. And somehow landed almost back on its feet. Not without denting two huge spots in my hood and knocked off paint all the way to metal tho. That car has been through the ringer......but .....this evening it finally gave up the good fight. We really wanted to keep it for six months but it's not going to be feasible. Next week....vehicle shopping. I'm still unsure what I want exactly and I'm considering leasing too.
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