Friday, October 12, 2012

Time to cope.
Dad has had a heart attack. But, laughed and smiled with those big old blue eyes and told me. I did not have to hear it from Mom or from EMT's or Paramedics. That alone amazes me. He is the strongest man I know.
Test today showed the left side of his heart isn't pumping out blood sufficiently enough and he has formed a knot in his heart because of this inadequate pumping. Indication of a heart attack. He also has a rusty valve that will be watched closely. Test also showed a cardiac calcium level of 700. This is not good. Also, his heart is out of rhythm and he has a mumur. He will wear a monitor for 30 days and will be having the arteries checked in his neck next week.
I learned today that aneurysms are not what is hereditary (BTW the knot in his heart is not a aneurysm) but it's diseased arteries that are hereditary.
Dad is a fighter. This is just simply a hurdle he will overcome so he can get a clean bill of health and have his back surgery. Till then, it's on hold per his heart Dr.

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