Monday, November 5, 2012

I am completely and utterly sick about games tonight. Danny has worked with Eli several days teaching him plays and getting him use to the ball. We have played together a few times as a family and they have been some of the most fun we have ever had together. Eli is improving and can handle the ball rather well. We cut him no slack since the the other team will not either. But, I am still worried sick. I want it to go well and he needs it to go well. Fingers crossed.

The boys and I are now back into the swing of things with doggies. I have  missed it so much and now we have it back. Sorda. We are helping a friend now that she has a huge public work load. Cleaning, feeding, pictures, ads, ect. It has been a pleasure to get back to the things I loved and back to chores for the boys since they are always wanting something these days.

I have started on my second weighted blanket but can't sew anymore till I get more jeans. I'm begging, don't toss them away, donate them.

This weekend coming up has been my first free weekend in sometime. I have no photographs to least none that will generate a income. Peyton's Fall Formal is this weekend and I will be doing photographs for him and several of his friends. I am excited for him. We went shopping at Bowling Green a couple days ago and hooked him up with some spiffy threads. (That's the kid lingo now, right?)

Election Day is tomorrow. It also, has me sick. I have not expressed my views this go round. I learned many years ago to keep my mouth shut and let my fingers do to the talking when I go vote tomorrow.

Mom decided she was having Thanksgiving at her house this year and I couldn't be happier. Thanksgiving at The Crack last year was awful. I will be having Christmas here again.  It went well and I enjoyed it. I found pictures from the meal I cooked last year with help from my fantastic sister in law and mother in law. I thought i would post them and it would help get me in the Holiday spirit. Enjoy.

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