Saturday, December 1, 2012

I do not normally look forward to Saturday. Saturday is my Monday. But today is special. Danny took Evyn to Daddy's to play on the farm while he helped Daddy get a few things done and take advantage of the warm weather. It is absolutely like a real Saturday here. Don't ya love that 12 seconds when the laundry is all done!!!

While catching up on blogs this a.m. I came across one that sparked a frenzy. Elf on The Shelf. I thought I was the only mother on my FB that did not participate in this nonsense but quickly learned my best good friend on FB did no such thing either!! Speaking must check her out sometime.

Best I can tell the purpose of this Elf is to report your childs behaviour back to Santa. Parents have went ape chit with this foolish elf and wait for their children to go to bed and place him other areas of the home to make it seem like this nosey little guy watches them everywhere I guess. But they don't stop there. They make him pull pranks. I have seen a TP wrapped Christmas Trees, messages written on the bathroom mirror in toothpaste, a elf that has cooked in the kitchen and left the mess, ect. Seriously!!! I would strangle the life outa a elf that pulled that crap in my house and my kids know that!! They would worry their little hearts sick over this elf and be scared for his life. " Mommy is gonna murder you. You better go back to the North pole and I'll take my chances with Santa," they'd tell him.  Except for Zackary of course, who knows it's all silly foolish nonsense and a elf is simply a stuffed figure that I bought and prior to that he was on some factory line in China. Ppfftttt.

For several days I have been working on my autobiography for the agency as well as loads of paper work, preparing for a home visit, finger prints, background checks, ect. I have had to gather up divorce decrees from the past as well as cover those marriages and divorces in my autobiography. It's been tough to be forced to stroll down memory lane and address things I had buried. But it's for a good cause and I know they just want to be sure I am "the right" choice. Danny has to write one as well. I am looking forward to helping him write it. He too, will have to address some mistakes and his childhood. I think it's healthy to put some things on paper as opposed to bottling up the past and letting it eat you alive.  I won't be posting these papers.  Yes, there are some things y'all just don't need to know. ;)

As for the rest of the day I intend to head out and clean up my yard. I am expecting our home visit will be soon. I know there will come a time when I can't discuss who is with us openly and that's fine. Maybe that allowed? As long as I don't post photos?? And when the time is right and we do decide "it's time" we will take the next step and make our new member a Smith.

Happy Holidays!! I feel good about this Christmas!!

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