Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Pinterest Projects

The week was bad. It was one for the record books. Pey had a positive flu swab last Saturday after his temp spiked to 104 Friday night. He just now feels better over a week later. He missed six days of school. Daddy had his heart cath ran Wed. We discovered he has blockages in all three main arteries entering his heart. One is 99-100 % blocked, one 70ish and the other 50. Stints are not a option and he will be having open heart surgery. While at the hospital with him on day two, our schools were evacuated due to bomb threats at 8:30 a.m. just as I was pulling into Bowling Green. I scrambled to have someone here when my boys got off the bus. They had no idea where I was. I still have not told them about Daddy. I see no use in worrying them right now.
Mommy isn't feeling well, which I expected when they told us the verdict about Daddy. As far as Granny....well, her memory is so bad she's already forgotten. I sometimes wish I had that problem.

To chill out this weekend I decided to knit, sew, paint, drink, smoke, and mod podge.

Our first project was simple. I tapped off a word on canvas and let the kids finger paint. I love it because it has all their little (and big) finger prints in it.

I also tried a mod podge photo transfer on to canvas. It worked and left a aged look like I was going for. Easy peasy. I simply printed a couple photos off on my home printer and put a good layer of mod podge on the canvas. I laid the photo ink side down and let it dry over night. Last, I barely dampened the paper and rolled it off with my fingers before applying the last layer of mod podge.

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