Monday, April 8, 2013

Puppy Love, and Heartbreak

All good things come to a end. And unfortunately, this weekend it was another heartbreak for us. We had all become so attached to our new Boxer pup. We had finally picked a name that stuck a couple weeks ago, Penny. She was doing so well crate training and house breaking. She went everywhere I went and loved to ride in the van with us. By far the most brilliant breed/dog I have ever had the joy of loving. Saturday poor Pey hoped in the van to back it up for Danny and had no idea she was behind the van. I rushed her to the vet who was meeting us at Glasgow but she died in my arms on the way.
So once again we had to tell the kids and bury another friend of theirs. Still, today, I find myself looking for her it saying her name to come sit with me on the coach. Bless her sweet little soul. She was sure special. She knows we loved her and she was part of our family. I kept telling her until she stopped breathing.
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