Monday, April 8, 2013

More Pinterest Projects

Over the weekend I went to my Grandmothers childhood home. Its falling down now but I dug around for something I could have to remember it by. When I was little Grandpa and Granny took me there. It was still standing at that time but barely. We walked around on the dirt floor and Granny showed me where everything sat when she was little. She would close her eyes as if she were trying to pull memories out of her mind that were buried. She would point, with her eyes shut. She showed me where the rocking chair was that she would rock her baby brothers and sisters in. She showed me where they would gather and pray. She showed where she would lay at night in her bed with ear aches and her daddy would come hold hot rags on her ear. And she showed me where she found God.
I wanted a couple things from this cabin that has fallen but I wasn't sure exactly what. I decided on a board, which I'm going to make a sign out of. And underneath the fallen mess I found a window frame. Jackpot. I can't say for sure but from the location I'd like to think its from her bedroom window upstairs. I decided to hang it. I didn't touch it. I won't paint it. I wanted it just as I found it. Just as it was when she looked out it as a child. The glass, I'm sure, was broken out many hears ago. But its still perfect.

We also used lumber off Daddys barn and framed the kids a wall and painted it with chalk board paint. The kids live it and I love how its made from the barn I spent many, many, many hours in as a kid. I have a few more projects I want to complete with Daddys barn lumber. All in good time.
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