Monday, August 12, 2013

Catch Up Monday

I didn't realize how long it had been since I sat down to blog. So much has happen in the last few weeks. The kids started back to school on Aug. 7th and it's going well. There are no problems in the mornings at all anymore. But, evenings still stink for Eli. We have discovered he is at a 3rd grade level in  most subjects. Of course I've not told him this for fear of discouraging him. We have a lot of work to do in order for him to be back on track. Normally I will be there daily with them but the last few days it's just not been possibly.

A few weeks ago we received our first placement. That's about all I can say about that. Other than I have waited for her all my life and I adore her. It's hard to say where it will go from here but I've left it all in Gods hands. All good things seem temporary. Having to remain quite about this chapter of our life is so hard. I am so use to being a open book.

Countdown to our vacation in on! 34 days. Danny and I have decided (actually I decided and he's agreeing) that it's time for that couples retreat. In the Spring we are thinking Mexico. I have almost agreed to a cruise. And he's almost agreed to a plane. I'm hoping I win. The thought of a boat makes my stomach bubble.

Granny is on a downhill slope. Her memory gets worse everyday. She now has a hard time even knowing the boys. This has been rough on them. She asked Peyton last week if he was one of my kids. Peyton laughed about it but I know it hit him harder then he let on. Home health now comes three days a week to help with bathing and therapy. Mom and Dad want to move her in with them but I have fought that tooth and nail. As long as I can see to her here at home (she's only steps away from me) that's what I will do. I'm not ready to see her leave her home. And she's not either.

The Boxer pups are getting HUGE!  They are three weeks and three days old. Raising them so such a change from the toy breeds. I can't wait to post their photos in a week or so. Dolls I tell ya! Dolls!

I hope this school year is treating yall good. I hated to see summer end. It seemed it never officially even began with all the rain and cool temps. Today was the first day I spent in the house while all the kids where at school. I disliked it very much. I have longed for peace but 7 hours of it was plenty. I was totally lost. Maybe, just baby days are not over. That too, is in Gods hands. I'm anxious to see what's in store for us.

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  1. Nice to catch up with you. I hope there not over for you ;)