Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Dump

The boys first day of school and Evyn's first day ever.

Evyn is loving school. Sometimes. ;)

The 6 a.m. stuff wears him out. This week we are trying to change things up and take him a bit later so he's not so worn out and whiney.

Last week was one of the absolute worse days of my life. That being said Zackary has been reading the Bible a lot here lately. He likes to close his eyes, open his Bible and pick a verse (with his eyes shut) for me to read. This day, it was this one. Psalms 37:5
From the moment I read that verse my mind was at peace. When one door closes another will open. So I'm waiting patiently.

This is how I've been passing my time. If your interested in purchasing one please visit and Like my friends page on FB Rebelkchild

The countdown to vacation is on. Who am I kidding? I've been counting for three months! Seriously.

Boxer pups are ready for homes. Tell your friends.

Have a great weekend friends! And go see my friends in Glasgow on Saturday at South Central Bank for the Expo and buy bows and leather! ;)

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