Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's talk Bleach

So, in my "about me" I threw out the term OCD. I think a lot of people use this term loosely. I thought of this, this morning about 5 a.m. as I was trying to get all my household chores done before I am to be at school to take graduation photographs at 10:30.

I wanted to share the extent of my daily cleaning that MUST be done or it severely affects my quality of life.

Here is a picture of some of the loves of my life that I use EVERY DAY. I thought this would knock out two blogs with one post. My favorites and my rituals.

I always begin with my Kitchen. Dishes are always ready to start washing in the dishwasher because I have already loaded it the night before right before I lay down. After starting the dishwasher I bleach my sink and counters. My Kitchen is not clean to my liking if I do not smell Clorox. I wipe down the stove, fridge, with Fabuloso. (in the purple bottle) If you have not used this product before you need too. It's amazing and has a smell that is very pleasant, yet covers up the smell of little boy piss. Yes, I said it. I have a child who sleep walks and pees in the floor at night thinking for sure he's in the bathroom. This stuff is good for anything. Quick wipe downs to deep cleaning. I have spot shampooed carpet, pretreated laundry and gotten out stains that I knew where set in forever! It lives to its name. Its cheap and fabulous! Viva paper towels. They are grand. You can use and reuse over and over. Of course I never do because thats entirely too germie for me. I have been known to wash dishes with one! Tough little boogers.

I then go to the bathrooms and mop my floors. Bathrooms. Plural. Two. When I say mop, I mean scrub on my hands and knees because that's the only way to get the little boy urine out from behind the camode. I have two children in the house that do use a camode at night but, I'm unsure why because it lands in the floor as well. (at least it's not carpet) I am seriously thinking about lining the area around my camodes with puppy pads. If you think sitting on a camode at night that the seat has been so generously left up on is a bitch, you've obviously never stepped in piss barefooted at 1 a.m.

While I'm in the bathroom I gather dirty clothes, clean the toothpaste off the sinks and clean the mirrors because they are splattered with mint green water and spit by this time because the two big boys have already gotten ready and left for school. Pet peeve-tooth paste on my sinks and mirrors along with a dirty sticky tube of paste. I clean the camodes with "The Works". I descovered this last summer by accident. I have a camode that had not been upgraded since I bought my home. It had terrible hard water stains and I was so ready to just jerk it up and throw it out the back door. I had used every single solitary product that either was or wasnt specifically made to clean a camode. Includding bleach. Nothing worked. I happened up on this stuff in the Dollar Store and thought....well...might as well. OMG!!! AMAZING!!! I will sing the praizes of this stuff still I die or they take it off the market beacause whatever is in it that rips off that hardwater stain in rotting the Earth.

Somehow during these rituals I manage to get Eli ready and out the door. Peyton is old enough to handle himself well in the mornings. I now only make sure he has showered in the last couple days, applied deodorant and brushed his teeth.

Usually by this time it is time to wake Zac, and Evyn is normally waking as well. The fun begins. It's no secret that Zac is impossible to get up and on the bus in the mornings. I have to completely stop my rituals and focus solely on him not missing the bus.

After Zac has left I make all the bed. 5 beds. I don't mean throw the covers over the pillows and call it good enough. They are made perfectly with fitted sheets pulled tight and top sheets have army corners. Pillow end are always facing away from the doors. If they are spotted, smell or if I am just simply "in the mood" I wash them. Huge pet peeve-dirty sheets. They are all washed and changed at LEAST once a week.

I now vacuum. EVERY DAY with a Rainbow Machine. Love it! Buy one! Period! I always use the deodarizer thats sold with it to use in the water. It freshens the dirty dog smell that lingers in the boys bedrooms. Peytons especially.I have used for most of my life started with the one my Mom bought when I was a kid. Magnificant machine.

Once the carpets and hardwood are vacuumed I them mop my hardwood with .........drum roll.........Fabuloso.

Laundry is started. Actually, laundry never stopped. It's nothing for my washer and dryer to be running in the wee hours of the morning because I can't sleep. One tip I have discovered that makes things simpler here is white towels and washrags. They are always bleached. Huge surprise, huh. I never have to worry about a red towel turning my clothes pink. I am very particular about my laundry. No one else is allowed to do it! Ever. Never!

Lastly, I unload my clean dishes and run my empty dishwasher with a cup of bleach. Yep, there's that word again.

All day long I pick up, clean up, straighten up. I do not tolerate stray items littering the house. Everything has a place. I feel bad for my children. They drag toys out to play and I am putting them away while they are still playing. It's moments like these that the OCD affects their quality of life as well.

What are your favorite products and OCD's.


  1. Wow, when you said we were a lot alike, you had it right. I thought I was the only one who was particular about their laundry. NO ONE is allowed to do mine either. I also pick up toys and other strays the second they hit the floor. I can't live without Windex, Swiffer dusting spray with febreze, Febreze itself,and Mr Clean multi purpose cleaner that also has febreze freshness. I didn't realize it until just now but that's a lot of febreze... and MEAN GREEN is my 2nd husband. :) it to me, is what Fabuloso is to you. lol.

  2. I LOVE those stones to clean the toilet. It gets the calcium deposits off the porcelain of a toilet that hasn't been used in a while. I am also in love with magic squares, and febreeze. Also...I buy H2O products. The clay powder is incredible. It gets practically everything off of anything, and also cleans your jewelry perfectly. You'd love the heck out of it!