Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Blended Family

What a absolutely wonderful weekend.
Danny's birthday was Saturday. I don't think he'd mind me telling y'all he turned 31. Yes, I am a bit older. Not much. I turned 30 before him, and he ever gave me the first bit of grief. Thank you BTW.

We both went and had haircuts. I had all my hair cut off again. Oh how I missed my simple short hair. We then went to eat and then to run some errands. It seems we make a lot of trips these days to TSC for items to maintain our little farm here. I love it tho. We later just went back to Applesbee's and sat at the bar and sipped........ok,  he sipped and I gulped drinks. We rarely get a moment without children, which is the topic of this blog.

Our babysitters for the day/evening were Mike and Lacy. Yes, Peyton's Daddy and second Mother. I don't like the term step mother, and refuse to use it. Let's clear this up right now for those of you wondering. Yes, Mike and I were married. Yes, for several years. Yes, it was a civil divorce. Yes, we have had spits and spats over the years for various things. But one thing remains the same, we married as friends. We divorced as friends. And we remain friends.

There had been women in and out of his life through the years that I did not approve of. Being Peyton's Mother I feel I was entitled to a opinion as to whom was in my child's presence on weekends. That was normally the root of our disagreements. And then in May of 2006 I met Lacy. Zac was 2 months old.

We have what I like to call, a 'blended family". Lacy is the reason! What other new wife would except the ex wife in her life. Not only excepted me, but befriended me. I was asked to be her Maid of Honer in their wedding.  She is one the most kind hearted women I know. Yes, we've had our spats as well, but they were always out of love for our children. Notice I say OUR children. Danny, me, Mike and Lacy have 4 children. Not only Peyton. They treat mine and Danny's children as theirs as well. They have cared for our children during some very difficult times including death and sickness. Not only that, but they care for our children when Danny and I need  to Christmas shop, grocery shop, or simply have a date night.

I know the relationship we have seems odd to most. We don't have society's picture of a divorced couple, but y'all know I am not one to follow society's way of doing anything!

Today I want to thank Mike and Lacy for all thy have done for our children and us. I want to thank Lacy for excepting all my children as her own. Especially Peyton.  I realize now there is no photograph of the 8 of us. (waiting on the 9th, Lacy) or I'd post it wit this blog. That's on my to-do list now. Just to prove how we all love each other and raise these boys together I want to end this blog with something Eli said last week.

"Mom, why don't we all live together? We all love each other so much that it makes no sense for us not to live together"


  1. I think it's wonderful that you & Mike can remain friends and especially great that Lacy has been accepting of Peyton, and even the other boys without letting the fact that you are Mike's ex get in the way. I also think it's very mature of Danny to feel comfortable as well, given the fact that most men don't like ex's of any sort for any reason. Having a child together certainly changes the whole dynamic and I think it's wonderful that you can all be bigger people and keep Peyton's best interest above everything else and not let "the social norm of divorced couples" get in the way of that.

    You are very blessed that the woman Mike chose to marry is a good one, and someone you feel comfortable not only helping to raise Peyton, but can rest easy when your other kiddos need somewhere to stay as well. Now as far as "all living together".....well, lol, you need to explain to Eli that you can't even tolerate Danny when he's there more than the weekend, and the only reason you tolerate the kids living there day in and day out is because they are not old enough to have their own places yet, ha ha.

  2. By the way...Danny...just in case you are reading this, that was totally a joke. In fact, you are the ONLY man I've ever known of her tolerating for this long :-) LOL

  3. Thank you so much for posting this It really means alot to me Kathy. I love you Danny and the boys ya'll are my family! I wish more family's could be like us. And Thank You Tarah your sweet for saying that as well!

  4. That is amazing! How lucky you are!