Thursday, August 25, 2011


FB is deactivated and it's such a relief. Isn't it odd how things that use to be enjoyable can become a burden. It's like a weight was lifted and now my life has become a bit more private. Everyone needs space ever now and then. I have taken mine and aim to do wonderful things with it.

I had a album on my FB that was titled "ouch". It was full of all the boo boo's that my family has encountered in the last few months. I thought I'd share a few. It just proves that nothing will be put on us that we can't handle.
Peyton was lucky enough to cut the tendons in his wrist last Aug. He was stitched up at TJ and sent home. He was sent to Jewish the following morning for surgery.

After surgery. He was in hard cast for 6 weeks. A soft cast for 6 more weeks. It was a very long healing process. Several trips to Jewish and just 3 weeks ago he was released by physical therapy.

Feb. 7th I sent Danny and Peyton to the grocery because I did not want to drive in the snow. This was the result.

Pey was saved by the skin of his teeth with only a busted nose, hairline hip fracture, and minor cuts and abrasions. Danny was off work for 13 weeks including the week he spent in the hospital. We are still trying to recover from that wreck. Hospital bills and lost wages for that period of time is absolutely shattering. All because I had to have a gallon of milk, diapers, hamburger meat and some paper towels.

March 25th. Zac was running and playing just as he always does. He fell in Dad's garage on steel shavings. Stitches. The day before he turned 5. This particular accident scared me more then almost anything has my entire life aside from Peyton and Danny's wreck and Evyn's first 3 months of life. I never talk to anyone about any of these times in my life. I had to be strong for the injured and the sick. When your children hurt and your hands are tied it's the most helpless feeling in the entire world. Mothers are suppose to cure all. I guess that why I am in limbo right now with Eli.

In May, Evyn cut his eye open. Them in July he busted his nose. We are certain it was broken due to the swelling and bruising but luckily there was no separation of the bone and he didn't have to have surgery to reset it. Yay!! Evyn caught a break.

So......if you ever doubt your ability to what one person can endure remember my "ouch" blog and maybe take a look at "Evyn's Thursday" I promise you are stronger then you give yourself credit for and you will prevail.

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