Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SUPRISE! You have just saw a glimps of my retirement plan.

   Today is a brand new day. So new and fresh that 3 people in my house are still sleeping. Zac got on the bus this morning with minimal coercing with Peyton. Eli, Evyn and Danny are still snoozing away in slumber. Something I don't get much of, but that's ok.
   Eli has a apt. this morning. I look forward to these now. Eli draws and colors in his visits and it gives me some insight to how his little mind works. Something Ive never had before. These weekly drawing teaches me what he loves, what makes him sad and what makes him angry, along with scared. He has yet to draw what makes him scared. I am anxiously waiting for this.
   Peyton has started basketball now. He's been practicing for a couple weeks. He seems to enjoy it. We all need something we enjoy, right?
   Eli started football last week. He is half the size of the others his age. I want him to feel like he's a part of something. A team. Granite Football wasn't the best choice but I am very limited in this county. Soccer would have been a perfect fit for him, but it's not offered. It's the only thing I imagine would keep him busy all the time. He doesn't do well in down time. He gets distracted to easily. Several of the boys told him he was gonna get hurt in football. Eli is not scared. I am sure most of the other boys think Eli playing is joke. I'm waiting for the moment they place the ball in his hands and tell him to throw it. :) SURPRISE. They will then witness my retirement plan.
   So. Here's a example of my day. Eli's apt is at 9am. Afterwards he will return to school. At 230 I will return to pick up two of the kiddos. Peyton will stay afterwards for practice till 430. Eli has football at 4. Luckily it's a hop skip and a jump away from where Peyton's practice is. He can join us when his is over. Did you catch all that?  Eli is over the moon about todays practice. It's rare that Danny gets to spend extra time with us due to work. Today he gets to attend the Dr. apt and the practice with us before he has to leave for work later tonight.
  Tomorrow is the first day of my favorite months. September, October and November. You will see me liven up a little until Christmas draws closer and stresses me out.
  Hope you guys have a fantastic day. It is what you make it.

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