Friday, September 2, 2011

   I chose today as a day off. Actually, I demanded it. I don't recall much of today.........that's all I'll say about that. I suppose everyone deserves a day that's foggy. :)  Between everything that's happen lately and last night, I had had my limit. Tomorrow it's back to reality and I believe a few things are going to surface soon that may be seem earth shattering but will really be for best in the end.
 September. Not my favorite month but definitely the beginning of my favorite time of year.

 Dove season started yesterday. I might have picked up Pey early early at school so he could hunt. Just saying.......

  Eli had a Dr.'s apt yesterday. His evaluation from his teacher wasn't of the best nature. His Dr. insisted to see him. We did a med switch ahh rooo. I hate hate hate switching meds. Before I even consider giving it I always have to read up on it. That takes a couple days. I still have not given it, yet.

  We also had to go to the hospital for some lab work. I have not heard back from that yet.

  Today Mom learned she will be having back surgery. A MRI was also done too see what her previous pelvic break looks like now. I'm unsure at this point if it will need attention as well.  Not exactly what she/we need at this time, but when is timing ever on my side. Never. Maybe it will help. Maybe recover won't be terrible. Maybe with the back and pelvic pain managed it will not cause other issues to worsen. Wow. I know this entire paragraph made no sense to some of you. Maybe one day with her permission I will go into detail farther.

  Eli has football practice tomorrow. He seems to be happy with it so far. There is one child there that seems to be hell on wheels and for what ever reason he always picks on Eli. Maybe cause Eli is the smallest. Maybe cause Eli will not fight/pick back cause I am there watching. This child never has a parent there to straighten him up. I hate correcting another persons child. I've already decided that if he grabs Eli by the throat again tomorrow, I'm going to correct him same as I would my own. Parents should not be allowed to drop off children and leave that particular age group unsupervised. One coach can simply NOT keep that many children in order and still do whats expected of him as coach. No disrespect toward him. He's doing a fine job and should not have to deal with unruly children who's parents are too uninvolved to even watch a practice on occasion.

  Danny leaves tomorrow for a Pennsylvania run. Looks like it's just me and the boys. I'm rolling around ideas in my head to entertain them. It is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of Summer. Looks like we will see Summer out the same place we welcomed it in......our own yard.

  Think I'll pop in my Ipod and try to not the think for a while. One day I will blog simply on my songs. Each one has one memory that always comes to mind as soon as I hear it. Isn't it odd how the mind works sometime.

  Have a fabulous weekend.  I hope it worth your wild.

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