Saturday, September 3, 2011

14,000 reasons Xanax should be available over the counter.

Today I discovered a used book store in Glasgow. The most expensive book there I bought today was 5 bucks, and the least expensive was $1.50. I picked up a little book that I thought would help me enjoy the little things a bit more. These days I need help.  It was titled 14,000 Little Things That Make Me Happy. I read a few pages and the only inspiration I got was realizing all the little things that irritate me. I thought I'd make my own little list and add to it as time goes on. Who knows........maybe in 20 years I'll publish it as well.

1. dust
2. smudgy prints on my hardwood
3. toothpaste in my sinks
4. ironing
5. when I ask a question and am ignored, all tho sometimes the answers are more irritating then if the question had of just been left unanswered
6. surprises. period.
7. when the bottom of my foot itches, but I'm happy I have feet
8. Carrie Underwood. Period.
9.  repeating myself
10. hypocrites (I'd love to start naming names here but I suppose there's no need in embarrassing anyone. I doubt they ever thing to look at something I'd write anyway because people like me are a waste of their precious time.
11. being interrupted
12. knowing a name on the tip of my tongue and not being able to remember it, but isn't it a blazing glory when it pops in your head 2 days later while your mopping smudgy footprints off the hardwood floor
13. pumping gas
14. when there is no hot water left
15. sunburns
16. a buggy (aka a shopping cart) with a bum wheel
17. splinters
18. starting the kids bath water only to realize a second too late that the shower plugger puller thingie was still in the upright position
19. whining
20. complaining
21. lies
22. wrinkles in my sheets
23. when I'm out of paper towels
24. hollering
25. slow drivers
26. the dried ketchup, mustard, ect. around the opening of the bottles
27. laziness
28. ppl eating while they are on the telephone with me
29. ppl talking to someone else while I am on the phone with them
30. a overflowing garbage
31. ppl who quote the bible to try and prove that their opinion is correct
32. ppl who leave one last drink in the bottom of a two liter knowing it's only spit by this point
33. Walmart on the 1st-10th
34. forwarded tx messages and emails
35. ppl who call interested in a puppy and talk for a hour before they have spoken to their spouse
36. cold checks
37. rap music
38. dingy white socks
39. snoring
40. crooked picture frames
41. heartburnn
42. ramen noodles
43. dirty fingernails
44. carpet
45. when Peyton screams in a octave that makes him sound like he has a hoohaa

                               to be continued..........


  1. I just sit down to catch up my reading on your blog! Every time I read a post I see so much of myself in you. We are alike in many, many ways! Catie is still googly-eye'd and giggling over Eli :) I'm so glad you kept your blog. I love having someone I can relate to.

  2. LOL! I especially liked the last one! -S.