Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I have stared at this blank computer screen for a few minutes now trying to determine what to put on it. A story from my childhood, some bragging about the boys, whining about Eli or the other person in my life that lays heavy on me tonite, something witty, something sad.......and I can honestly say I am experiencing a writers block errrr.....maybe writer is a bit of a exaggeration. Bloggers block.

This calls for a bit of rambling.

It has rained here for 40 days and 40 nights. Ok, maybe not quit that long yet but 3 nights and 3 days solid. At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump I must say there has been stinging rain, sideways rain, big ole fat rain, and rain that seems to be coming up. This morning while packing groceries to the car, it looked like a fine snow. I then realized Summer has silently slipped on out for the year. I had just gotten the pool cleaned and vacuumed 4 days ago. The heat index was 115. Today, it's 58. Gotta love Kentucky.

Puppies are being placed in new homes this week. I met the most fascinating couple over the weekend. So nice and polite. They decided to get in their SUV and drive until they found their new furry companion that they wanted. They came to visit us here all the way from Missouri. I am flattered they came across www.kathyskentuckypuppies.com and decided I was the one who had their newest baby. Thank y'all for all the kind words about my property, children and dogs/puppies. I work so hard to make a good impression and the compliments could not have came at a better time. 

I am a recovering FB addict. I wish I had remembered what day I finally deactivated the damn thing. I could then tell you how many days I've been free of the chaos. Ever now and then I wonder what's going on in the world and then it dawns on me that there is nothing more important then what's happening in my own home. If it's real important Kristen will tell me about it before the news gets luke warm. (I love you darlin'. I've always called you my eyes and ears)

So far school is going well for the boys. Eli has not had  football practice lately due to the sideways rain but Pey did have basketball practice this afternoon. Today was the first day since school began the first week of Aug. that Zac did not cry and got on the bus without a fuss. It took a month. Bittersweet.

The truck is sickly this week. I hate hate hate it when we just begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel and it breaks down. Does it sense when I start to breath easier and throw a wrench in itself  to get me all worked up again? I'm sure this won't be the last time I speak of the truck this week. Expect vulgar language.

Now that I have caught you partly up on the the last couple days I am going to head to bed and hope for some sleep. At the moment I am so ill I could chew the iron bed in two. Maybe I'll do that if counting sheep doesn't work.

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