Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Medication Debate and A Plea for HELP!!

      I have been in limbo with whether medication was necessary for Eli to function well since he was first diagnosed AD/HD at the age of 4.

     I read all the books on diet change, and herbal remedies. I spoke to several Dr's and saw a gentleman who specialises in Iridology  .

     I left no stone unturned trying to manage Eli without medication. Even still I get away from medication sometimes in the Summer due to the fact that he still doesn't eat well when he takes it and is very underweight for his age and height.

     The bottom line is, he functions better on meds. We tried several before I found a cocktail of meds that work exceptionally well for him. We use Concerta and Depakote I have learned over time and trials that one will not work without the other. These two together have made a world of difference in Eli. It wasn't easy.  It took 4 years.

  Afternoons are a bit chaotic at times. We have to have just a little help from medication sometimes when things are on the edge for him. We tried low doses of AD/HD meds, Benedryl, ect. but until a few months ago had no success.  It was suggested to me by a Psychiatric Nurse Prac. (who also happens to be a sister to me) that Clonidine sometimes works.  JACKPOT! We are now living and managing and not struggling everyday. Yes, he/we still have days that are not pleasant but we also have days that are almost normal.

  I know in the end you have to decide for yourself. I just wanted to share what works for my son.

  I am open to suggestions on how to put some weight on my baby. We have tried appetite stimulants with no success. He normally is hungry around 8 pm and only wants things he can hold. No foods can touch each other. Soups, Salads, plate meals are out of the question. Thank you OCD for those irritating bonuses. We have tried milkshakes and they worked for a while but after a few days they get old as well. I need foods high in fat but somewhat healthy.  HELP!! Ok, go..............

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  1. That's great Kathy! I never knew if the clonidine suggestion helped or not. Very glad to hear it did. As far as weight....Depakote usually packs it on, but the concerta probably counteracts that. Try an Ensure in the am before the Concerta, and one at night. Also foods that pack a healthy punch of fat (healthy fats and lots of calories) such as nuts, olives, avocado, or anything you could drizzle olive oil on would be great if he would eat it. Peanut butter isn't bad either. Fruit juices are lots of calories too if he tends to drink more than he eats. You've probably tried all this before, lol.