Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Mother and my Mommy

  Today I want to talk about my Mommy.  I don't think I've said this to many people because the time has never called for it, but today is the day.
  I was born in Middlesboro TN to Tamara Jane Russell and Michael Wade Morgan. I was a second daughter to Tammy. Due to the circumstances Tammy felt it best that I was given ever chance at a better life and put me up adoption. No doubt a selfless act in which I have great respect for  her.
  I bounced into this world at a whopping 3 pounds 9 ounces on March 19th 1980 just a little over two months too quick. I have never had good patience. I have proven that since I slid out when it was convenient for me and not when everyone else said I should.
 There are lots of thoughts and feeling that surround the circumstances of my birth and first years. There is a fascinating story behind how my older sister found me after years of searching. For now I just want to share some of the words that Mommy said in the adoption papers that were provided to me when I was 21 after petitioning the courts to release my records once permission from Tammy was given.

  She took me in when I needed her and I intend to use every drop of energy and spare moment I have to do the same.


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