Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr. Hemmer's Thoughts.....

Per request I'm going to post some natural remedies and links that was discussed at out meeting last week. Once again, I'm going to mention that we have tried these along with several others with no great outcome. I think these supplements really depend on the severity of the ADHD or if thee are other traits that are showing it's ugly face.

The first was the use of Magnesium and B6 together. She did not really speak highly of one over the other but suggested they be used together.  We have Done Epsom salt baths along with a dose of Benadryl and that works well for us. One or the other alone does not.

Secondly we discussed having a more natural diet free of hormones, gluten free, ect. as well as growing our own foods and having a garden with our own fruits and vegetables. Here is a link to a seed company the Dr. highly recommended.  I am unsure if this is the correct site, as it was difficult to locate. Basically she suggested we use seeds that are organic and this site offers those.

Aloe Vera Juice was discussed and one suggestion I will be trying.

High Protein Diets have been found to be useful. These foods include yogurt and eggs.

 Tryptophan showed some help with our kiddos as well

Some calming herbs are Lavender, St Johns Wart and Passion Flower.

I'm sure I missed some things she touched on because there were so many things discussed. But I think the things listed are a great start to help you decide if medication or natural remedies are for you and your family. As for us, we may give a few of these things a whirl during Spring Break but without stopping our currant medications. Also, I'd also suggest you only make changes after speaking to your child's Dr.

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